Brake Pads

We offer a wide range of brake pads from various suppliers in order to cover the vast majority of cars and commercial vehicles. Just give us a call. One of our larger suppliers of braking components is Apec; good quality brake pads at a reasonable price.

Loading apec brakes onto van

Apec offers the most advanced, comprehensively tested and environmentally-friendly brake pads for the aftermarket. Over 18 million Apec brake pads are produced every year, to cover 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland. This includes not only modern cars, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards.

Unique production process

All apec brake pads are made from the latest generation friction materials and benefit from a unique High Pressure Treatment (HPT) scorching process, for:

  • superior initial performance and easier bedding-in
  • longer working life
  • optimum safety and comfort

Dependable quality

All Apec brake pads are precision-made in Europe, using advanced robotic technology for constant accuracy and easy first-time fitting. The manufacturing process includes the friction material, back plate and shims, ensuring consistent high quality. Pads then undergo rigorous and extensive testing.

For optimum braking performance, we recommend you also fit new Apec discs when fitting new Apec pads. When Apec pads and discs are fitted together as a matching axle set, they are covered by the Apec 2Y24K guarantee.