Hella Gutmann Diagnostic Equipment

Hella Guttman Diagnostic Equipment

Hella Gutmann Solutions


Hella Gutmann Solutions range of diagnostic equipment and data is perfectly aligned to the needs of the modern car workshop. Designed to offer competitively-priced solutions to the needs of a variety of garages, offering the complete range of diagnostic tools with outstanding vehicle coverage and first-class technical support.

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Diagnostic Calibration Tools:

HGS DATA – The Complete Vehicle Technical Database, accessible through any internet-enabled PC or tablet, with Service Schedules, Technical Data, Circuit Diagrams and much much more information for over 38,000 vehicles.

MEGA MACS – Designed as a flexible all rounder device for professional workshops, the new MEGA MACS makes identifying, resolving, diagnosing vehicle faults even quicker and more reliable than ever before.

TPM TOOL – TPMS is mandatory on all new vehicles registered after November 2014. These systems use sensors that transmit their own ID along with their pressure, temperature and other data to the vehicle ECU. After a puncture or sudden loss of pressure, a dedicated diagnostic tool is usually required to reset the warning indicator.

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