Shock Absorber Protection Kits

Protection kits are a critical element for optimal shock absorber performance.

Shock absorber protector
Why change protection kits?

  • Prevents dust and moisture from damaging the piston surface and seal
  • Protects piston rod from corrosion due to road pollution (dust, moisture, stones impact)
  • Increases the life of the strut
  • Avoids premature oil leakage
  • Limits the suspension travel in the compression phase
  • To improve road handling and comfort
  • To save money by increasing the life of the shock absorber and coil spring
  • If a shock absorber is worn, it’s likely that the protector kit is too.
  • They all have to be removed from the vehicle anyway, so take the opportunity to replace them at the same time

Available from your local EU and EU Linco branch

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